Is this the best trick to sustainable takeout?

This International Compost Awareness Weekchoose compostable packaging for an efficient & sustainable change to your catering.  

Shop over 150 plant-based compostable foodservice disposables. Find everything you need for takeout and delivery. 

Why use compostable foodservice packaging? 

01. Conserve non-renewables  

The earth has finite resources. Disposables are used for such a short time. So, it makes sense to switch to renewable materials. This reserves conventional plastics for applications where they can’t be easily replaced.

02. Functionality  

Plant-based materials work as well as, if not better, than conventional plastic. For example, our reclaimed sugarcane takeout boxes keep heat in but don’t trap condensation like plastic. This allows food to breathe.  

04. Recyclability 

For disposables destined to meet food, it makes sense to use materials that can be recycled together with food. High-quality compost feeds the fields, to grow more food.  

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