6 reasons composting is critical. Be a compost champion!

To celebrate International Compost Awareness Week, here’s 6 amazing things compost does: 

01. Contributes to a circular economy 

Grow, Eat, COMPOST…Repeat” is the theme for International Compost Awareness Week 2021.  

By choosing to compost your food scraps and used Vegware, you contribute to the circular movement of organic recycling, from farm to fork and back again. 

02. Sequesters carbon 

Adding compost to soil increases soil health, as it stimulates microbe growth. Compost is an effective way to sequester carbon, this means it pulls and stores carbon in the soil instead of releasing it into the air. 

03. Improves soil structure 

Compost increases the organic matter in the soil. By adding more organic matter, farmers can increase the maximum yield potential of their fields. It makes fields easier to work and provides better crop establishment

04. Reduces flood risk 

Compost has high organic content. This helps it absorb up to four times its weight in water. It can replace essential organic material in wetlands. 

05. Keeps resources local 

Composting keeps resources in your region without relying on export. It turns waste into useful resources, helping businesses reduce their environmental impact and join the circular economy. 

06. Creates jobs 

Composting diversifies waste. This creates businesses and job opportunities in the waste sector – especially in rural areas – and nutrient-rich compost for farmers’ fields, helping to grow plants and crops for consumers. 

Want to start recycling your food scraps and used Vegware? Contact our Zero waste team today!