Mix & Match with Bon Appetit

New Bon Appetit bowls for ultimate style and versatility. Now, our Bon Appetit bowls offer a unique mix and match, paper and clear PLA, range.

Our new PLA salad bowls are ideal for presenting vibrant cold salads and leafy greens in sustainable style. Made from clear plant-based PLA for perfect visibility. Available in two sizes – 24 and 32oz – the ribbed design makes it easy to grip for serving and carrying. 

The paper bowls and lids are perfect for serving warm curries or colourful burrito bowls. They are made from sustainable board with a plant-based PLA lining. They feature Vegware’s award-winning Green Leaf band design, a visual cue so customers, staff, and waste collectors and processors know this is a compostable product.  

The bowls and lids are part of our 185-Series, where each bowl has a top diameter of 185mm (7.3in), so you can mix and match the lids to suit.

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