Why certification is important for compostable products

Vegware isn’t the only brand of compostable catering disposables. But let’s explore why so many in the waste sector choose only to partner with Vegware for commercial composting. 

In short, Vegware does a huge amount of work behind the scenes to reassure clients, composters and collectors that our products can – and do – compost. 

Degradable, biodegradable, compostable? 

Why does it matter? Caterers know everything about their food, but packaging can be complex. So let’s bring it to life with an example.  

Your staff restaurant needs small bags to sell brownies or rolls to go. You source some with ‘degradable’ in green print. Degradable sounds like biodegradable – isn’t that ok for composting?  

Sadly not – these are normal plastics with an additive to make them break into lots of little flakes of plastic. Not compostable or recyclable, just a big littering problem. Don’t be fooled – oxo-degradables may be marketed as oxo-biodegradable, biotransformation, or even omni-degradable.  

A simple purchasing mistake like this can risk contaminating soil with plastic – the last thing anyone wants. Our clients want their waste to become quality compost for farmers’ fields – and that has to start with quality compostable disposables. 

Compostable – and certified 

Vegware holds the deepest set of compostability certification in the packaging sector. Certification has two steps: 

  1. Laboratory tests: Vegware chooses to make its cups, cutlery and containers from raw materials which are certified compostable. These materials get tested in laboratories to show they meet international compostability standards such as EN13432 or ASTM D6400.  
  2. Independent certification: In addition, Vegware also applies to a certification agency to verify the product is compostable in its finished form, including any inks for printing. For example, a material could be compostable in thin sheet form, but a thick wine glass stem made from it may not break down quickly enough in commercial composting.  

Tried & trusted 

Vegware adds a third step – real-life trials. Senior Waste Management Consultant Eilidh Brunton, based from Vegware’s Edinburgh-HQ, explains:  

“We have worked closely with the composting sector since 2010. On top of investing in certification, we also conduct field trials to ensure our products break down in a variety of composting facilities around the world.  

With our wide range of products, certification is a major investment for us. But it’s incredibly important to demonstrate our products are suitable for industrial composting.” 

Read more in our composting FAQ.

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