Hear our US composting expert at Bio IMPACT Digital – Tues 22nd Sept

Vegware’s US composting guru Julia Wetstein is speaking with other international experts in Driving a Zero Waste Economy. Here in the USA it’s at 9-10am EDT.

Julia joins a mainly US panel, moderated by European Bioplastics. Learn how innovation from food to packaging is reducing waste, tackling energy use and promoting bio-based alternatives.

Our US-based Zero Waste Director Julia Wetstein has 23 years of experience in composting, agriculture and implementing zero waste programs.

In her time as Assistant Dean of Agriculture at Southern Illinois University, she supervised a 2,000-acre experimental farm facility. Her own family farm has a 120-year history. She is a member of the US Composting Council Biodegradable Products Task Force, the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition, the Organic Recycling Association of Ohio, and the California Association of Compost Producers.

Julia works with Vegware’s clients offering her expertise and practical support to ensure the success of zero waste programs.