Our vision for Sustainable Foodservice

As doors start to reopen in hospitality, we want to take this opportunity to share our hopes for a new normal in the foodservice sector. We hope for a sustainable foodservice, where plant-based and compostable packaging provides the ultimate solution to the problem of conventional plastics in foodservice. Compostable packaging reduces our reliance on finite resources, removes polluting microplastics from our food systems and helps minimize food waste.   

Compostable disposables: the full solution 

We want to help even more clients meet their sustainability goals by using our renewable, reclaimed and recycled catering products. We’re delighted to support clients in over 70 countries worldwide. We’ve seen increased interest from continental Europe, Caribbean and Middle Eastern countries during Summer 2020.  

Waste not, want not: let’s reduce waste 

Our plant-based foodservice disposables are designed to be commercially composted with food waste where accepted. So, there’s no need for sorting. The compostable cup, lid, burger box, knife and napkin can all go together without removing the ketchup and leftover chip. This captures food scraps that would otherwise end up in general waste.   

We want to help more clients capture their front of house food waste with compostable packaging – read our case studies. So, our Environmental team works with the waste sector to increase our clients’ access to composting services. 2020 has been as busy as ever.  

Sustainable development 

We’re inspired to see more businesses, countries and the public push for change. Many of our foodservice partners were among more than 150 signatories who wrote to urge the UK Government to use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to future-proof Covid-19 recovery plans. More of our partners united with Footprint to form the Responsible Business Recovery Forum, to assist with building a new post-Covid sustainable marketplace.  

Germany has recently banned single-use plastics in line with the upcoming EU Single-Use Plastics Directive. In Slovakia sugarcane packaging, paper cups, wooden cutlery will be collected for composting from households from 2021. Italy’s target for their extended producer responsibility scheme, for effective recycling of compostable packaging, is 60% by 2035. And they’re on target.    

And it is only mid-year: here’s hoping for more demands for change and all-around sustainable foodservice, from cup to compost.