Happy Thanksgiving from Vegware

Thanksgiving is a time of year where families and friends come together to share food and drink and reflect on all the things they’ve been thankful for that year. One thing we’re especially thankful for this year is for the warm welcome we’ve received from local businesses and people since opening in Huntington Beach. As a British company, we’ve been incredibly humbled by all the positive messages and feedback we’ve had from HB and beyond.

At Thanksgiving, food is shared and consumed in high abundance and quantities so there’s always likely to be leftovers after dinner. What easier way to share your hard day’s cooking with your family and friends than to send them home with a full stomach and a package of treats to enjoy later.


Our salad boxes are the ideal size for taking home an array of delicious treats from the day. In this case (see above) we’ve ensured our guests are being sent home with not only extras from dinner but dessert also. With juicy turkey, stuffing, a portion of cranberry sauce and a sweet slice of pumpkin pie. Our smaller boxes also allow you to take home bigger slices of pie as pictured with apple above.

Not only do our boxes offer a great takeout option they also do their part for the planet. Our clear window is made from plant-based PLA which produces 72% less carbon than plastic does. As well as this we use sustainably sourced kraft board with a greaseproof lining. To ensure lids are shut nice and tight there are three handy tabs.

Another great option for packing in extras is our three compartment clamshell box. Made from sugarcane-based material, bagasse. This natural material has great thermal properties and doesn’t trap condensation like plastic which ensures food stays warm and crisp. As well as being microwave and freezer safe, bagasse presents a sustainable alternative to Styrofoam. Food can be re-heated or frozen within the container, meaning it can be enjoyed warm or on a later date.

Our products aren’t only ideal for taking away food they’re also great for plating up. Our bagasse tableware range contains a wide range of bowls and plates ready for dishing up food for larger gatherings and parties. Who wants to spend time cleaning up after dinner or a party? With Vegware you won’t have to. Our cold cup range is perfect for having beer, soft drinks or smoothies and for hot drinks our hot cups present a stylish, sustainable solution. Both feature Vegware’s leaf stripe for easy identification of compostable products.

However you enjoy your Thanksgiving or whatever you eat, everyone at Vegware wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!