Gourmet Range by Vegware

Introducing our range of plastic-free lids and bases made from renewable, low carbon materials. Suitable for a variety of hot and cold food, our Gourmet Range is designed to serve up a wide range of delicious sides, dips and dishes. Here are some of the most innovative ways we’ve seen our range used.

Vegan Burrito Bowl

This hearty dish includes all the necessities needed to create a healthy vegan burrito. With space for guacamole, tomato salsa, black beans, wholegrain rice, peppers and salad, the 22oz Gourmet base allows you to stack up on a range of fillings without having to separate them. Providing the perfect basis for any wrap or Mexican themed meal.



Our 18oz/550ml Gourmet dipping base delivers the perfect shape for dipping chips and veg. The base provides all the necessities needed for a portion of nachos. With a handy compartment designed for sweet or savoury dips, our dipping base delivers the ideal guacamole or salsa accompaniment every nacho lover needs.


Our Gourmet base and clear PLA lid combo presents a great takeout option for a range of different salads. As pictured above, our bases and lids offer a sturdy, stylish and sustainable alternative to the on-the-go salad. Our clear PLA lids create clear visibility for any delicious sides or salads.

Cakes and sandwiches


The versatile 18oz/550ml Gourmet dipping base, seen earlier showcasing nachos, can also be used for a variety of Danish pastries and cakes. Pictured here we have some fluffy British scones with tasty cream and jam for spreading taken from a traditional afternoon tea. To add that extra bit of sophistication see (below) how our 22oz Gourmet base can be used for displaying sandwiches.