International Coffee Day

International coffee day

International Coffee Day is a day of celebration for everything coffee. With around 150 million Americans drinking 400 million cups of coffee a day, it’s fair to say the US is one of the leading consumers of coffee in the world.

A morning cup of coffee is a worldwide routine which goes back hundreds of years, whether that be through a cup of joe at home or a takeaway cup on the morning commute. The problem with the latter is the environmental impact that unsustainable cups are having on the planet.

The main issue with a lot of takeaway coffee cups is that they aren’t recyclable.

How you ask?

These coffee cups contain a plastic lining, designed to make them waterproof, which is extremely difficult to remove and prevents the cup from being recycled easily. Other cups are made from Styrofoam, a material which is not widely recycled.

So, what’s Vegware’s solution?

Our coffee cups are made from sustainably sourced board and lined with plant-based material – PLA. In production, PLA creates 72% less carbon than plastic which makes it an environmentally friendlier alternative.

Contamination is a big problem in the recycling of coffee cups. Some are made from conflicting materials which can’t be recycled together. For example, traditional plastic can’t be recycled with Styrofoam. With Vegware there’s no need to separate any conflicting materials with our coffee cups, because there are none! We present an eco-friendly circular solution to the coffee cup recycling debate. Our cups are made from materials which are designed to be recycled with food waste where facilities exist. The result of this waste is then to return nutrients to the earth through creating high grade compost.


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