Will Eco-Friendly Packaging Be a 2021 Restaurant Trend?

Our Zero Waste Director, Julia Wetstein, attended Source for Tomorrow’s panel discussion on 2020 restaurant trends. She joined plant-based packaging and food gurus Christopher Kong, co-founder of Better Nature Foods, and Sandra Frank De Jong, owner of Roots & Rolls. They dived into the advancements, and challenges, of compostable packaging and plant-based food markets. Watch the full video here.

Sustainable Practices: Closing the Loop

Julia shared how Vegware helps our foodservice clients meet their sustainability goals, with our plant-based, compostable packaging.

Vegware is designed to be commercially composted with food waste where accepted. Unlike yard composting, commercial composting facilities guarantee the perfect balance of microbes, moisture and warmth, so that compostable packaging can be included in food waste recycling. After the composting process, the food scraps and Vegware products break down and create a nutrient-rich soil.

Single-Use Plastics During COVID-19

Disposables were invented for hygiene reasons. But as we are all too aware, single use packaging can bring its own challenges – in terms of resource use and waste management. Many in the catering sector now depend more on single use to meet their hygiene and distancing needs.

Conventional disposables create recycling challenges due to the mixed materials: plastic and card. Add in food contamination, and recycling is even less likely. Compostable packaging means both packaging and food scraps can be composted together, without the need for separation.

Will delivery and hygiene concerns make the restaurant scene more sustainable or less sustainable?

Vegware helps clients meet their delivery and hygiene needs, without compromising on their eco goals.

It’s hard to predict how the compostable packaging market will change. However, Vegware continues to work hard to create a stronger bond between the food service industry and the waste sector, and expand our clients access to composting.

Where do we see the restaurant industry in 2021?  

Julia hopes that the restaurant industry, especially small family businesses, will recover and bounce back stronger than ever. We hope to continue working alongside the restaurant sector to help businesses switch to compostable food packaging. Watch the full video here.

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