New case study! Independent Bristol café Spoke and Stringer has switched to Vegware and joined Close the Loop.

Close the Loop is Vegware’s own composting collection service, running in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, UK. It collects used Vegware and food scraps from Vegware clients, which are then taken to a local composting facility at Rose Hill, Gloucestershire. Used Vegware is turned into nutrient-rich compost for local farmers’ fields.

Spoke and Stringer is conscious about the environment and does whatever possible to reduce waste. “That’s why we’ve chosen Vegware where we can close the loop on all our packaging,” says Emma Linzel, the Operations Manager at Spoke and Stringer.

Our UK in-house Environmental and Communications teams helped Spoke and Stringer label its in-house bins and provide suitable marketing material to educate its customers about the new waste system.

Spoke and Stringer is also members of Vegware’s Composting Collective, a UK bring-back scheme to compost takeaway Vegware. It is part of a network of catering sites in Bristol that offer access to composting for consumers. It also offers local office catering, using Vegware packaging, which is collected by its staff after use for composting.

To find out how to switch your independent café to Vegware disposables, contact our sales team on